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Types of gates to suit your needs

There are a few different types of gates to suit your needs. A gate is usually one of the most neglected parts of a house. Gates are often built without considering the design or fencing needs. Fences and gates must have the same height. In order to prevent sagging, it should be upheld diagonally. Make sure the latch system is properly installed when installing gates and railings. In order to prevent children from accessing them, they must be strategically placed. In some cases, it is not possible to follow all instructions when installing a gate. Mega Gates and Welding Shop is a local company with years of experience offering a wide variety of services to assist you.

Repair of Metal Objects
Restoration of Metal Objects
Powder Coating
Security Gate Services
Steel Fence Services
Gate Installation
Railing Installation
Swing Gate Installation
Link Fence Services
Sliding Gate Repair

Additional Services:
Wrought Iron Fence Services
Fence Repair
Sheet Metal Welding
Tig Welding
Gates and Railings Welding
Steel Frames
Aluminum Gate Bayview
Aluminum Arbor
Custom Aluminum
Fence Installation
Gate and Fence Maintenance
Access Control Maintenance
Custom Gates
Automatic Gate Repair and Installation
Custom Built Metal Items

The following is a list of the gates and bars we offer.



Depending on the amount of traffic or the amount of space available at the entrance to your home or residential neighborhood, a sliding gate might be more suitable than a swing gate. In such situations, cantilever gates are the best option. Their rollers are located at the top of the fence, where they slide open on a counterbalance system.


Depending on the design, swing gates can open either inward or outward. Other speciality gates tend to cost more than this gate design, which is simpler to install.

As swing gates are relatively open, they are only effective at preventing vehicles from entering your property. 


In the gate family, an automated gate system consists of the gate itself and a motor-driven gate operator. A gate operator can be attached to any gate, so there are no design or material restrictions.


Despite their limitless summertime enjoyment, pools pose a serious safety risk if they are not properly fenced and gated. It is recommended to install a self-closing, self-latching gate on a fence whose height is at least four feet. Having the gate swing outward from the pool will prevent children from being able to open it outside the pool area.

Mega Gates and Welding Shop specializes in all types of metal works and bespoke gates and railings. With our metalwork and welding services, we ensure that gates are designed according to the fencing requirements of the property. We invite you to review our website and contact us for more information.

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